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The College offers numerous opportunities to gain an insight into injustices all around. The College expects all the students to be perceptive to the forces of communalism that threatens harmony and peace and inflict hardship on the common man.  It is the vision of the College to train students who are socially conscious, ready to stake their lives for the oppressed and the exploited.

Character development is the essential aspect of education.  A person is what his values are.  Character includes behaviour, values and attitudes to life and others and the way one faces life. The time in College is the period when one has to build up   character, hard work, perseverance, honesty, integrity, sensitivity to others and universal love that embraces all people cutting across barriers of language, religion and caste.  Essential to any character formation is self- discipline.  Lack of discipline in the College results in chaos and disorder and learning becomes impossible.

The educational objective of the College  is to prepare men and women for the service of the country. The College provides students with plentiful opportunities to critically understand society and its structures so that education becomes a tool to work for a human and just society. Stress is laid on academic excellence, character formation, social concern and human development.

The college places very high value on academics. The courses are rigorous and need daily application. Assignments have to be submitted by the due date. Presentations and participation in seminars and workshops are part of the academic life. Students who do not clear minimum number of papers/subjects in each semester cannot go to the next semester. College offers a wide variety of extra curricular activities. College has a reading room and a good library. Students are requested to join at least one of the Associations and thus develop academic relationships and a spirit of enquiry.