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On 12th October 1897, Thiru. S. Kumaraswamy was born to Thiru. Sastha and Tmt. Sivakamy at Vadasery. He hailed from a simple, traditional and conservative family. With minimum formal education, he started his career as a weaver, shop assistant and an automobile driver.

His traits like readiness for new experience, Individual responsibility, concrete knowledge about the results of his action, risk taking attitude, long term planning and organizational abilities mark him as a person of entrepreneurial skills and carved him as a "Self Made Man.

Although, his social background was not much conducive, his continual innovative activity conferred him the title "PIONEER". With the support of his two brothers. Thiru. Nellaippan and Thiru. Nagamoni, he indulged almost in all activities in a new and better way and emerged as a "Modern Man".

Industrialization, a new phenomenon to the region, was introduced by him. He initiated many services like bus service, Outagency for Railways, cultivation of Commercial crops, Electricity supply, Charcoal Gas production. Technical Training for Students and a Spinning Mill. These services provided an alternative to agricultural labourers and weavers and helped to standardize their livelihood, Although, he had no precedent for all ventures in his family, "The Achievement motive" had always been the driven force for all his modern enterprises.

Earlier Bus service to Trivandrum was named as "Champion mottor Service", and later it was named as ‘Pioneer’. This service was extended to Tirunelveli and Cape Comorin. This profitable service made the Travancore Government to nationalize the transporation.

He was a man with a high need for achievement. He always looked for a challenge to respond it and become successful. And thus nationalization of the transport made him to lookout for a new venture.

He got Tirunelveli – Nagercoil Express bus route and the Outagency for Southern Railways. As there was no railway service in this region, this Outagency was much helpful for quick and safe transporting of goods.

Cultivation of commercial crops was also introduced by Thiru. S. Kumaraswamy and his brothers. This successful experiment was undertaken in their estate located in Thadikkarankonam, 12 miles from Nagercoil. At first, tapioca and plantains were planted. It was said that rubber trees would not be profitable in this region. Yet, Thiru. S. Kumaraswamy again preferred to take risk and planted rubber trees. As he expected, a great demand for rubber occurred after the second world war. As the latex from this estate proved to be of high quality, it earned them a good reputation and profit. Palkulam Estates Ltd., was established to supervise all these estates.

The first Nagercoil Electric Supply Corporation was initiated by him in 1934. The Travancore state Government issued him the license for the supply for 55 years. Although, they found it difficult in getting permission from the Municipal Chairman of Nagercoil to light the street lights, the Pioneer was successful later. In 1956, it was also nationalized but compensation was given.

Thiru. S. Kumaraswsmy was a man of planning for years ahead . The establishment of the Pioneer Charcol Gas Producer Works in 1942 in Madras was an example. Earlier, small gas generators were produced in the Pioneer workshop at Nagercoil. When shortrage of petrol occurred during the second world war, these gas generators, fitted at the back of a vehicle, helped the people all over the state. This innovate service was duly recoganised and a Certificate of Honour was issued to him by the Director of Industries of Madras State. During the occasion of laying the foundation stone for Pioneer Kumaraswamy College in 1970, this innovation was quoted by the Chief Guest of the function, the then President of India, Thiru. V. V. Giri.

Thiru. S. Kumaraswamy collaborated with the government in giving technical training to the students during the second world war. It was named as "War Technical Scheme". Several buildings were constructed and students got stipend from the government. After the war, the buildings were used as the Technical Training Centre under the government, and the government. paid salary and stipend to the staff and students, respectively. Thiru Kumaraswamy was the Principal during 1942 – 1950. The Pioneer Kumaraswamy College, founded in 1970 accommodates these buildings.

After obtaining heavy industry license from the government. he imported machineries from Japan and in 1958 he established a spinning mill, the first of its kind in the Kanyakumari District, in the name of his beloved wife Tmt. Nagammal. Being a Public Limited company the Mill gives employment opportunities to the natives of the town.

His death on the 18th of October 1960 came as a great shock not only to his family but to the people of the entire southern region.

By dint of hardwork, he had become the first and the foremost industrialist of this region. The greatness of his peerless life is the result of his supreme sense of duty, integrity, hardwork and moulded him as one of the Business Magnates of South India.