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ANTI –EVE TEASING COMMITTEE Alumni Registration Form

As per Tamilnadu Prohibition of Eve-Teasing Act, 1997, The then Principal Dr. S. Ganapathy took initiatives and founded the Anti-Eve Teasing Committee in June 2000.

Promoting a healthy relationship between boys and girls.
Imparting human values.
To ensure a harmonious co-existence among students.
Empowering girls to face the violence against them.
Convener : Ms. T.K.Jaya Lekha, Dept. of Physics
Member : Dr. V. Sasi Rekha, Dept. of Tamil
Member : Mr. R. Jagatheeswaran, Dept. of English
Arranging Welcome party to the new comers and fare well party to the Outgoing students.
Arranging special lectures to empower the minds of the young generation – both boys and girls.
Activities in the past three years:
Extending Counselling and lectures by the teachers.
“Ensuring a Harmonious Co-existence “-Lecture by Mr. & Mrs. A. Krishnamoorthy - Centre of Family Counselling Care and Share. Nagercoil (13-7-2010)
“Anti-Eve Teasing- Act its implication” Mr. M.Santha Kumari, Inspector of Police, All Women Police Station, Nagercoil. (20-9-2014, 4-1-2012, 4-9-12)
“Empowering girls “- Mr. J. Christo Das Gandhi, Additional Chief Secretary, Mrs. Gowtsiah Gandhi, Director, Commision for women (7-3-2011).