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Internal Quality Assurance Cell :

Internal Quality Assurance Cell is the nodal unit of the institution. As per the revised guidelines by NAAC, IQAC was reconstituted in 2014 and incorporated external academicians. Dr. K.A. Manikumar, Former Registrar-in-Charge, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, and Dr. T. S. Rajeswari, Former co-ordinator IQAC, A. P. C Mahalaxmi college, Thoothukudi have consented to guide IQAC as the external academic experts.

Members of The IQAC :

Er. P. Kumaraswamy : President,
Pioneer Kumaraswamy College
Dr. V. Umayorubhagan : Secretary,
Pioneer Kumaraswamy College
Dr. S.Durai Raj : Principal
Dr .J.Packiam Julius, Dept. of Physics : Co-ordinator
Dr. C.Jayasekaran, Dept. of Mathematics : Member
Dr.B.Suseela, Dept. of Tamil : Member
Tmt. V. Tamil selvi, Dept. of Physics : Member
Dr.G.Rexin Thusnavis, Dept. of Chemistry : Member
Dr.R.Santhi, Dept. of Zoology : Member
Dr.C.Babu, Dept. of Botany : Member
Dr.A.Thangaswamy, Dept. of Commerce : Member
Dr.N.Selvaganapathi, Librarian : Member
Dr.K.A.Manikumar : Member
Dr. T. S. Rajeswari : External Expert
Thiru G. Arunachalam : Representative of Non-Teaching Staff
Thiru. B. Mohanan : Alumnae

Heads of the Various Criteria :

Criterion Key Aspects Name Department
Criterion I Curricular Aspects Dr. B. Suseela Dept. of Tamil
Criterion II Teaching-Learning and Evaluation Dr. G. Rexin Thusnavis Dept. of Chemistry
Criterion III Research, Consultancy and Extension Dr. R. Santhi Dept. of Zoology
Criterion IV Infrastructure and Learning Resources Dr. N. Selvaganapathy Librarian
Criterion V Student Support and Progression Dr. A. Thangaswamy Dept. of Commerce
Criterion VI Governance, Leadership and Management Mrs. V. Tamilselvi Dept. of Physics
Criterion VII Innovations and Best Practices Dr. C. Babu Dept. of Botany

Dr. A. Raja Ratnam, University Representative, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, (HOD of Statistics) Tirunelveli and Dr. T. R Raja Sekaran, HOD of Physics, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli also extend their guidance for the effective functioning of IQAC.

Regular Activities :

Orientation programmes - Accreditation Process, Documenting Process, Identifying the Best Practices, conducting goals oriented programmes are some of the themes.  
Action plan preparation, periodical reviews on results and duties are the regular activities of the IQAC.  
IQAC motivates all the clubs, Forums, Research Guidance cell, Library Advisory Committee and Career Guidance Cell to enhance their activities and promote the teaching learning skill of the teachers and the students.  
SWOC analysis  

Feedback Mechanism is the regular practice. Feedback on “Campus experienceâ€‌ is regularly collected from the outgoing students. Some exclusive programmes, conducted by IQAC during 2013-2014, were:

Orientation on "Accreditation Process" (27-1-2014).  
Designing work pattern of the Research Guidance cell (5-2-2014).  
Interaction with the external academicians regarding the process of “Document Keepingâ€‌ (11-2-2014 to 12-2-2014).
Subsequently, all the departments displayed the available documents and this method of bench marking helped each other (21-4-2014)
A Workshop for the students was arranged on the topic "Our Learning Experiences" (17-4-2014). Students presented their views and a healthy interaction was held.  
Result review, accreditation process, co-curricular activities, updating skill of the teachers are reviewed by our President Thiru. P. Kumaraswamy and the Secretary Adv. C.A. Rajakunjaram.  

Recent Activities :

Environmental awareness - Poster designing Competitions "Conserve Nature" (9-1-2014)
Orientation for Faculty Members - "Enhancing Teaching Skills" (8-1-2015)
Orientation “Tamil Specification code for Information Interchange” (TSCII) by Mr. Mani M. Manivannan, B.Tech, M.S Principal Developer of Norton Antivirus Management, Chennai (12.1.2015)
Workshop for Students "Role of Youth" (29-1-2015)
Workshop on “Challenge and Response” (13.2.2015)
Counseling in “Stress Management” by Mr. Ratrananarat Snayhar, Trainer in Vippasana Meditation from Thailand (19.2.2015)
Workshop on “Our classroom Experiences” (10.4.2015)
Orientation “Avenues in Post Graduation” by Mr. D. Nedunchezhian, Technocrats India College Finder, Founder and CEO, Chennai (10.4.2015)
Orientation on “Activities of the Institution - Goals and Objectives” by Dr. M. Leema Rose, Holy Cross College, Nagercoil. (22-06-2015 to 24-06-2015)
    Affordable training programmes on
“Caring center for mobile phones “(18-12-2015to 27-2-2016)
“Designing a Layout for Printing” ( 26-1-2016 to 11-2-2016)
“Competent news reader and compare” (11-1-2016 to 13-2-2016)
  Enhancement programme on
“Computer Literacy “ (18.12.2015 to 5-1-2016)
“Computer Literacy “ (6-1-2016 to 29-1-2016)
Seminar on “End of Education is Character” (19-01-2016)
Affordable Training on “On-Line Banking” (29-1-2016 to 3-2-2016)
Competition on Art and Craft “Wealth from Waste” (01-03-2016)
Group Discussion on “Make in India” (30-3-2016)
Feed back on “Campus Experience” (04-04-2016)
Workshop on “My Class room Experiences” (18-4-2016)

Recent Initiatives :

A news letter “Pioneer Breeze” to publicise the activities of the Institution (November 2013 onwards)  
Membership in N-List consortium and availing e-sources (2015 onwards)  
An exclusive circle, “Circle for knowledge Drive” to promote research spirit among students (July 2015 onwards)  

Activities Exclusively Organised by the IQAC at Inter Disciplinary Level :

S.N Date Kind of programme Topic Resource person Objectives
1 14.8.2014 onwards Value added course Spoken English Faculty Members of Dept. of English To enhance Communication Skill in English.
2 9.10.2014 Fabric painting competition Conserve Nature Thiru. A Gopal Dhas Asst Conservator of Forest, Kanayakumari. To focus on climate change.
3 30.10.2014 Opinion survey Requirements in co-curricular activities Member Of IQAC To find and execute their requirements.
4 21.1.2015 Workshop Role of Youth Dr. T. S. Rajeswari Head (Rtd.) Dept of History A.P.C Mahalaxmi College,Tutucorin. and Prof. S Immaculate, Former Head,(Rtd) Dept. of Mathematics, Holy Cross College, Nagercoil. To enhance their leadership and civic consciousness.
5 Jan 2015 to Feb 2015 Affordable Training
  • Caring center for mobile phones
  • Competent news reader and compere
Dept of Computer Science (SF) and Dept. of English (SF) To ensure immediate employability.
6 7.1.2015 & 6.3.2015 Enhancement programme Computer Literacy Dept. of Computer Science (SF) To impart the significance of IT Knowledge.
7 8.1.2015 Enhancement programme Effective teaching methods Prof. S Immaculate, Former Head,(Rtd) Dept. of Mathematics, Holy Cross College, Nagercoil. To make teaching and learning more effective.
8 13.2.2015 Orientation Challenge and Response Prof. S Immaculate, Former Head,(Rtd) Dept. of Mathematics, Holy Cross College, Nagercoil. To make students competent in the competitive world.
9 19.2.2015 Counseling and demonstration Stress Management Mrs. Ratrananarat Snayhar, Trainner inVippasna Meditation, Thailand. To train in bringing harmony between mind and body.
10 6-4-2015 Feed back “Campus Experience” - To analyse and take necessary steps.
11 10.4.2015 Workshop “Our Class room Experiences” - To Collect Students’ Review on Teaching and Learning Process.

As a progressive step towards the accreditation process the Steering Committee has been constituted with the consensus of all the heads of the departments.

Action plan for the year- included :

Opinion survey among the students to find out their requirements in co-curricular activities
Follow up activities to execute their requirements
Orientation programme for the students to enhance their life skills and career skills
Introducing more Short Term Courses to ensure immediate employment
Computer Literacy campaign among non computer students
Enrichment programme for the teachers
Value oriented activities to impart human values, harmony with nature and spirit of humanism

IQAC prepared the work schedule and accommodated the activities to fulfill the requirements of the students.