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Head of the Department : Dr. J.V. Jeeva,M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D., HOD
Service Completed : 29 Years
Area of Specialization : Comparative Literature
Extending Guideship to Ph. D Candidate : Ongoing-7 Candidates
Publication of Books : 2 (in printing)
  * Phonetics
  * Spoken English
Contact Number : 94425 15213
e.mail id : drjeevarenganathan @ gmail.com
Publication of Articles in Edited Books : 4
"Let Us Tune The Brain for Lateral Thinking" in Teaching English for Employability (2014)
"The need for Reading and Understanding Virginia woolf in The present day context Mrs. Dalloway A soothing Balm to the afflicted Traumatic Women's psyche" in Perspectives on Women Novels in English (2014)
"Realization for Self-Identity in Virgina Woolf's novel Night and Day" in Literary Perspectives (2015)
"Emergence of Women's Self: An Analysis of Satyr of the subway from a Feminist Perspective (2015)
Publication of articles in Journals : 4
"The Space Between Reality And Ideology: A study on Anita Nair's Ladies Coupe" in Literary Perspectives (2012)
"Virginia Wool's Women" A Re reading of A Room of One's own" in Literary Perspectives(2013)
"Divakaruni's The Palace of Illusions A Feminist perspective" in Literary Perspectives (2013)
"RAC Journal of Research" in Journal of Multi Disciplinary Research (2014)

Extending expertise as Resource person in the Public Forums organized by Rotary Club, All India Radio, Nagercoil and Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli

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