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LIBERATED WINGS Alumni Registration Form

Women Empowerment is one of our goals and hence to empower girls in all aspects an exclusive club, named “Liberated Wings “has been established.
Co-ordinator : Dr. A. Telma, Dept. of Tamil
Member : Dr. G. Deepa, Dept. of Physics
To make girls realize the significance of their liberation and utilize their liberated wings.
General Activities:

Awareness programs include the themes like Women Empowerment, Women’s Rights, Gender Justice, Curbing the menace of dowry, Social Issues, Healthy life, Career Opportunities, Personality Development, Facing life in Reality and Moral values.

Mode of functioning is unique. Invited lectures by the faculties of various departments are regularly arranged by the Convener. Group discussion, training, panel on burning topics are arranged and students themselves conduct such programmes. And thus this club makes the students as contributing factor rather than a passive listener.

Former co-ordinator Tmt. N. A. Prabha Pitchai and Tmt. T. K. Jeyalekha and present conveners Dr. A. Telma and Dr. G. Deepa have arranged more exclusive activities. Dr. J. V Jeeva, Tmt. M. Anitha, Tmt. C. Selvi and Tmt.T. K. Jeyalekha have helped for the successful conduct of such activities.

Celebration of International women’s day is the regular activity.