A Pioneer Group Initiative


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Our motto, "உழைப்பே உயர்வு" - "Work is Worship" explicitly expresses the distinctive characteristics of the Institution.

This sublime statement is embedded in our College Crest and our motto is the quintessence of the exemplary life of the late Thiru. S. Pioneer Kumaraswamy in whose sacred memory this college has been established.

Distinctive characteristics of the Institution are widely depicted in the college emblem.

  • Goddess Saraswathi is symbolically shown as the Light of Wisdom
  • The Lighted Lamp with steady flames reveals the perception of Knowledge with controlled application of senses
  • The Arrow in the bow indicates the concerted efforts in acquiring knowledge
  • The Temple Tower, as a symbol of heritage aims at reaching the heights of human dignity
  • The Swan symbolises the repose of the infinite as distinguished from the restlessness of the individuals.

And thus, our goal "Knowledge enhancement through sustained efforts carves an individual as an Ideal Citizen with values and converts him / her as a contributor" lies in the fulfillment of the distinctive characteristics of the Institution.

Our Vision and Mission define our approaches towards the upliftment of the marginalised sections of the society and the youth from these sections.

Our campus enrichment activities demonstrate our rich academic tradition culture and thus define the Institution’s culture.