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Zoology Department Alumni Registration Form

Dr. R. Anantha Rajan M. Sc, M. Phil, Ph. D

Service Completed : 7 Years
Area of Specialization : Biotechnology
Extending Guideship Ph.D. (on-going) : 2 candidates
e.mail id : anantharajanr@gmail.com
Contact Number : 99445 78770
Publication of Articles in Journal : 1
"Antibacterial activity of seven medicinal plant extracts towards shrimp and pathogenetic vibrio SPP" in Journal of Aqueculture in Tropics (2012)
Implementation of UGC Funded Project :
Year of Commencement & Duration Title Status Kind of Project
5-2009 to 5-2012 3 Years Characterization and development of methods for homogenous preparation of lection from Arteniaspp Completed Major

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