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YOUTH RED CROSS Alumni Registration Form

Programme officer : Dr. A. Anto Peeter, Dept. of Tamil
Member : Dr. B.Bamini, Dept. of Zoology
Inculcating the value of humanism and Indulging the youth in humanitarian activities.
General Activities:
Active Participation in the awareness campaigns organized by other Forums, Institutions and Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli
Blood group Identification camps, enrolling Blood donors and Donating blood.
Participation in orientation and training programmes organised by District Red Cross Society, District Administration, Ruben Educational and Charitable Trust Nagercoil.
Participation in various competitions organised by other Institutions.
Some Remarkable activities in the past years
AIDS awareness campaign (23-6-2008)
Undertaking Wild Life Survey (16-3-2009)
Eco Friendly Camp (22-3-2009)
Yoga and Positive health programme (28-9-2011)
Voter’s Day awareness programme (25-1-2012)
Some students who had donated blood on time
Siva I B.A English 31-3-2010
Berlin I B.A English 31-3-2010
Jenarthanam III B. Sc Physics 31-3-2010
M. Sathish Kumar I B.Com 31-3-2010
N. Naveenkumar I B.Com 31-3-2010
A. Stanley Jones I B.Com 31-3-2010
M. Merlinsingh II B.A English 18-8-2010
A. Ajith Kumar III B.Com 20-6-2011
M. Balu Subramaniam III B.Com 20-6-2011
M. Siva III B.Com 20-6-2011
R. Subash III B.Com 20-6-2011
D. Karthika III B.A Tamil 20-6-2011
T. Veljatha B.A Tamil 20-6-2011
M. Milton B.A Tamil 20-6-2011
S. Subinsha III B.A English 27-6-2011
S. Manikandan II B.A Tamil 8-7-2011
J. Prabin II B.Com 18-8-2011
R. Sunil II M.Com 8-8-2012
D. R. Pradeep III B.A English 3-10-2012
A. Ajith, Janaki Singh III B,Sc Zoology 5-7-2013
M. Sidiq II B.Com 6-12-2013
M. Sishmu II B.Com 19-2-2014